Alahdal A. Hussein

Energy Division

Age 35
Gender Male
Nationality Malaysian

Alahdal A. Hussein is the Chief Operating Officer of Tanjung Offshore Services Sdn. Bhd. (Energy Division), overseeing TOS’s operations and responsible for 3 key divisions, namely, Integrated Production Solutions (IPS), Offshore Services (OS), and Wells & Decommissioning (W&D).

Hussein joined T7 back in 2017; since then, he has held various roles in Integrated Well Services (IWS), Well Workover & Abandonment. He led the establishment of T7’s Integrated Wells Services division back in 2019 and oversaw the division’s development and successful execution of various integrated Well Services Projects for Well Workover and Plug and Abandonment.

In 2016, Hussein founded Oil Industry Insight, where he served as the founder. He then joined Well Experts Services (WES) in 2017 as the General Manager, specializing in subsurface technical studies and well services. Prior to that, Hussein gained technical experience during his time at Schlumberger as a field engineer trainee, where he gained hands-on experience in MWD/LWD field engineering and worked on land drilling projects with Total E&P Yemen and OMV.

Hussein holds a Bachelor Degree (Honors) in Petroleum Engineering from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He specialized in enhanced oil recovery (EOR), particularly in the field of gas-flooding enhanced oil recovery.