Value Creation

Governance and Business Ethics

As T7 Global expands its presence in Southeast Asia, we believe it is crucial to maintain strong governance and uphold high ethical standards to meet the expectations of our shareholders. Our policies and compliance standards are the cornerstone of our operations and we ensure that they are supported by multiple layers of oversight from the Board, Management and employees.

Our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy, Whistle-Blowing Policy and Procedures and Code of Ethics and Conduct are all effectively communicated and implemented across the Group. We also provide annual training for our directors, employees, suppliers and shareholders to ensure compliance with these policies and make the policies accessible on our corporate website. Moreover, we also established a hotline and email channel to provide confidentiality and encourage open-door communication for employees to report their concerns.

Our efforts have been successful, as there were no reported cases of corruption or bribery, zero reports made through our Whistleblowing system, and zero instances of non-compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct for FYE 2022.


Reliable and Efficient Operations

Ensuring the long-term success of our business requires effective risk management, which is crucial to maintaining the confidence and trust of our stakeholders. Our Group Risk Management Framework provides a comprehensive and systematic approach to identifying, measuring, and mitigating risks and opportunities. The accompanying table summarises our key risks related to our material sustainability matters.

T7 Global places great importance on ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our operations, with a particular focus on safeguarding our People, Environment, Asset and Reputation (“PEAR”). By implementing stringent procedures and mitigating risk through our risk management approach, we can maintain high performance levels. Our Risk Management System which monitors our day-to-day activities across business units and corporate functions, plays a vital role in preventing unsustainable and unsafe acts, in addition to identifying and controlling threats to our capital and earning potential. This comprehensive approach allows us to operate with confidence and integrity, delivering results that benefit both our clients and our organisation. The accompanying table summarises our PEAR risks related to our material sustainability matters.


Economic Performance and Impact

We are pleased to report that T7 Global has achieved impressive financial results for FYE 2022. Our sustained commitment to operational efficiency and ESG integration has enabled us to achieve robust growth and maintain strong margins. For FYE 2022, T7 Global’s revenue surged by approximately 18.8% to approximately RM363 million, with a 55.5% increase in Economic Value Retained.

Data Privacy and Security

T7 Global is dedicated to ensuring the privacy and security of personal and confidential data, both in our possession and in the possession of our customers and stakeholders. We understand the importance of protecting sensitive information and implemented robust processes, procedures and controls to safeguard against data breaches, unauthorised access and theft.

Digital Transformation

The Group is fully committed to embracing digital transformation as a key enabler of business resilience and sustainability. As a forward-thinking organisation, we recognise the importance of leveraging digital technologies to drive sustainable growth and deliver value to all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and the wider community. We understand that the rapid evolution of digital technologies and shifting market dynamics present us with opportunities to harness digitalisation and drive growth towards a sustainable future. Our priority is to create value for all our stakeholders by proactively embracing digital technologies to enhance our performance, optimise operational excellence and support business growth.

At the core of our digital strategy is a commitment to foster a digital culture that aligns with our sustainability goals. We believe that digital transformation can play a key role in creating a more resilient and sustainable future for our organisation and the communities we serve.

To achieve our digital transformation objectives, we actively invest in digitalisation and developing our digital capabilities to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing energy landscape. Our approach involves connecting and managing all our key processes, including sales, purchasing and accounting. By centralising and streamlining these processes, we are enhancing our operational efficiency and improving our ability to deliver value to our stakeholders.

In addition, we also centralised our HR management system to optimise our human capital management processes. By leveraging digital technologies, we can better manage employee data, monitor performance and provide timely feedback to our teams. This approach enables us to foster a culture of continuous improvement and drive sustainable growth.

To further our efforts, we implemented a comprehensive document management system that guarantees the accessibility and security of essential information. Such a system will enable us to organise, store and manage all our digital documents and data securely and efficiently, ultimately improving our decision-making processes and supporting our sustainability goals.