People First

Our people are the driving force behind our success as an organisation. We strive to create a safe and inclusive culture where employees feel valued while supporting them in building fulfilling careers here at T7 Global. To this end, we emphasise work-life balance as part of our corporate culture and encourage the development of new talent and future-proof skills for the betterment of the organisation as a whole.

Occupational Health and Safety

At T7 Global, we place the health and well-being of our employees at the heart of our business operations. Over the last few years, we have consistently achieved top-quartile Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (“QHSE”) performance across our operating locations. This performance is the result of steadfast dedication to QHSE at every level of our organisation.

Our QHSE Management System serves as a roadmap for identifying, controlling, and mitigating risks, as well as deriving Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) for each business unit. By following this process, we can achieve enhanced business resilience, reduce operational incidents and ultimately provide a safer working environment for our staff, contractors and nearby communities. To maintain the excellence of our QHSE Management System, we continually assess the system for opportunities to improve.

T7 Global complies with multiple international standards in managing, planning and delivering our products and services such as ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) and AS9100D which is a quality management system for the aerospace industry, applicable to our aerospace operation T7 AeroTech.

Additionally, to ensure a safe workplace, we expect our contractors to comply with our QHSE requirements and we evaluate every contract based on the nature of the risk. Contracts with a high degree of risk are subject to additional scrutiny, including pre-qualification reviews and ongoing evaluations with contractor representatives.

Fostering a Safe Culture at Workplace

We take a preventive approach to safety measures with the primary goal of obtaining zero operational incidents. Achieving this requires that potential risks be recognised, managed and reduced at the commencement of every operation which ultimately improves our QHSE performance and makes the workplace safer for everyone. The Group considers continuous training to be highly beneficial as it helps to raise employee and contractor awareness while establishing a consistent safety culture throughout our network.

We are pleased to report zero injuries and fatalities in 2022 which we attribute to our rigorous QHSE system. In addition, 4,399,833 working hours without Lost Time Injury were recorded across our operations.

*Based on rate of incident per million man-hours worked

In FYE 2022, our TOSSB division held an Integrated Well Services Plug and Abandon (“IWS P&A”) Campaign. As part of this campaign, participants received monthly 30- to 45-minute training sessions on the following programs:

Our Aerospace Division held three training programmes to ensure the safety of our employees at the metal surface treatment plant:

Workforce Diversity and Inclusivity

At T7 Global, we value a diverse and inclusive working environment as we believe that employees perform at their best when they feel valued and supported. To achieve this, we offer equal opportunities for recruitment, promotion and training for all employees regardless of gender, age or ethnicity.

Incorporating different age groups and genders is crucial for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We are pleased to report that the Group has provided employment opportunities to three hundred and seventeen (317) individuals this year. Our commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is reflected in the fact that 33% of our employees are women. Our Board consists of one (1) female member and seven (7) male members. Fourteen (14) management positions within the Group are held by women, representing 28% of all management positions. This is a 2% increase from the previous year which demonstrates our dedication to promoting gender diversity and equality within our organisation.

T7 Global is committed to creating a workplace free from discrimination and harassment. We recognise the importance of ensuring that all employees feel safe, respected, and valued, and we took significant steps to establish support mechanisms to help achieve this goal. One of our primary support mechanisms is a reporting system that allows employees to report any incidences of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. It is designed to be confidential, easy to use and accessible to all employees.

Throughout 2022, we were pleased to note that there were zero incidents of discrimination reported through this system. We believe this is a positive indication that our efforts to create a respectful and inclusive workplace are having a tangible impact. We will continue to prioritise this issue and strive to maintain a workplace culture that is free from discrimination and harassment.

Employee Recruitment Development and Retention

We believe that an agile workforce contributes the most to the overall progression of an organisation, and we are proud to have talented employees who make up the distinctive T7 Global culture. Fostering an inclusive, motivated and passionate team is our priority. In line with national employment strategies, we endeavour to hire the local community locally as much as possible with 99.4% of our employees hired locally this year. This reporting year, we recorded our permanent and contract employees to comprise 55.2% and 44.8% of our workforce respectively

Employment Benefits

At T7 Global, we understand that as our employees progress through their careers, their needs and priorities may change. To ensure that we retain our top performers, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits and programmes in addition to financial incentives to support our full-time employees at every stage of their professional journey.

By providing these benefits and programmes, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that values our employees’ well-being and professional growth.

Developing the Best Talent

Due to the importance of the energy sector and digital transformation, we increased our focus on developing the skills necessary in these fields to secure our Group’s future. In developing our talents, we continued to invest in industry-leading training programmes in 2022.

There were 48 training programmes conducted in FYE 2022 which accumulated a total of 3,594.5 training hours with over 400 attendees.

The Group implements regular performance reviews, enabling employees to improve their skills and personal development in line with their individual career aspirations. 53.9% of our workforce received a performance evaluation during this reporting period.

Supply Chain Management

A key element of our sustainability strategy is ensuring responsible supply chain management. For T7 Global, complying with applicable laws and regulations and operating in line with basic human rights and decency is ethical and necessary for the successful functioning of the Group.

To enhance our business management processes, our procurement policies ensure that our partners and contractors fully align with our sustainability strategies and ESG targets. These policies require them to comply with our QHSE Management System and our Code of Conduct and Ethics.

In order to promote long-term sustainability in procurement and improve local development, we aim to work with local suppliers as much as we can. In 2022, our spending proportion on local suppliers was 78%, allowing us to support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint by minimising transportation needs.